Friday, 14 September 2012

Update Royal Star & Garter - September 2012

Site opening times: Monday to Friday 8am—5.45pm Occasional Saturday opening (for specific operations) Progress to the structure throughout the Summer (what there was of it!) has been good. The concrete structure is up to first floor complete and we have commenced the second floor to the higher section of the building.

The steel frame roof has been completed to the lower roof and the carpenters have started to pitch the rafters starting to form the shape of the roof. The flat areas of roof in this area have received the steel deck and plywood ready to receive the waterproof membrane. Internally we have started screeding. This is the layer of flooring which is laid wet but goes hard. It forms a very smooth flat floor onto which the carpets and vinyl can be laid. Internal walls have also started.

What's Next? From the out side the building will continue to grow to its highest level and the steel frame roof will be installed during September /October. Brickwork and windows will start to climb up the building giving the impression of a building rather than a concrete shell. Internally we are anticipating the building services to start during September. This is the key to progressing the internal fit-out. Several miles of cable and pipework are to be installed behind walls and above ceilings throughout the building over the next several months. This all needs to be tested before walls are completed.

The services all need to be connected into the building before October. The electricity is already connected and the gas is being done as I write. The water is due towards the end of October. We apologise for any inconvenience during these installations.

As usual we are grateful for the comments and correspondence we have received in order for us to maintain our best relations possible with our neighbours and the local environment. Best regards Rob Siddens Outline Construction Programme January and February 2012 Spring 2012 Summer and Autumn 2012 Crane erected Concrete frame complete Autumn and Winter 2012 Cladding and external finish work Steel roof superstructure complete Building services start Internal walls and floors Plant installation. 2013 Internal fitting out Landscaping Completion and building handed over to the Charity during Summer of 2013.