Thursday, 31 January 2013

The Royal Star & Garter Homes - February 2013

What has happened
Christmas has come and gone as has the second wettest year on record. As we look forward to a drier 2013 the roof is nearing completion and the final shape of the building can be seen. Also externally we are preparing to add the final touches to the external cladding with the white render about to start and the timber boarding underway.
Internally the services fit-out and plasterboard wall construction are well under way and painting has started on the ground floor. Sinks, showers and basins are progressing in the en-suite bathrooms and it is possible to get a feel for how the bedrooms will look in their final state.
The basement plant room is progressing well.
What’s nextols
Externally we have started to prepare the entrance works onto the Upper Brighton Road. We appreciate that this is inconvenient and we assure you that we will complete the works as soon as practicably possible. If all goes well this should be before the end of February.
External landscaping has just commenced in and around the tree conservation area as we clear the jungle of brambles and undergrowth. No long lost treasure yet!
Once the entrance off Upper Brighton Road is complete then works will start to the new ramp into the underground car park. This will reintroduce excavators, muck away lorries and concrete wagons to Langley Avenue for a period of about three weeks. Be assured that we will be as diligent as before in keeping the road clean and clear for residents.

The crane has become a local landmark over the last year but we are saying goodbye to it later this month. The dismantlement of the crane will be shortly followed by the removal of the scaffold. This is a key moment in the construction process as it allows the full effect of the building to be seen for the first time and allows us to proceed with the landscape gardening.

Best regards
Rob Siddens

Outline Construction Programme

Autumn and Winter 2012
·     Steel roof superstructure complete
·     Building services start
·     Internal walls and floors
·     Plant installation.
·     Complete roof
·     External rendering
·     Install and fit out plant rooms
·     Internal fitting out
·     Landscaping
·     Front entrance
·     Car park entrance ramp
·     Completion and building handed over to Royal Star & Garter during Summer of 2013.

Site opening times:
Monday to Friday 8am—5.45pm
Occasional Saturday opening (for specific operations)

Contact details:
Rob Siddens
Project Manager
07813 056494

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Useful info for residents- Christmas Tree Collections

Christmas Tree Collections

Christmas trees will be collected on the same day as your landfill waste between Tuesday 8 January and Friday 18 January 2013. Just leave your tree next to your wheelie bin and we will take it off to be composted, only real trees please.
Alternatively, you can take your tree to be composted at the Villiers Road Household Reuse and Recycling Centre.