Saturday, 5 October 2013

Proposed Speed Tables in Langley Road

We have written to the Planning department re: additional Proposed Speed Tables in Langley Road, the planning notice is also included below. 

We welcome your comments.

Dear Mr Judge

I have recently received your consultation regarding Proposed Speed Tables in Langley Road.
I do not know who has commented on the speed of exit from the roundabout. As Chairman of the Oakhill and District Residents’ Association, and a resident of Langley Road, with regular contact with the residents I have not received any such comments. I shall ensure that this letter is circulated to our members to see if we receive any comments.

It is very difficult to exit the roundabout at any speed. It is true that cars occasionally exceed the 20mph limit along Langley Road in both directions but this is almost exclusively outside school hours. When children are coming and going to school, the parking area opposite the Police Federation is full as are all the yellow lines so that it is practically impossible to exceed 20mph.
Children going to school and coming from that end of the road are already on the school side when they enter the road and traffic is light enough the remainder of the time for it not to be a hazard to cross the road.

If one really wanted to slow traffic down and this might then prevent heavy goods vehicles from using Langley Road as a cut through, it would be to put a chicane similar to the one at the other end of Langley Road at the mid point of the parking bays on the side opposite to the Police Federation.
In any case I trust no action will be taken until the development on the Police Federation Site is complete.

Also, given the stringent cuts that are on going, what is the cost of the scheme and what is the cost/benefit? I assume this is from the Mayor of London’s fund. However our Council Tax also goes to that fund.

I welcome your comments

Yours sincerely

Robert Lewis – Chairman of the Oakhill and District Residents’ Association

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  1. This could be another waste of our money, they made a lot of mistakes with the first changes, markings in the wrong places, and the first set of changes still have not fully been implemented.